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  • A-Z Handyman is a company that offers a lengthy list of handyman services. Our technicians offer a wide range of services, namely carpentry, painting, drywall, flooring, home installations, furniture assembly, pressure washing, kitchen and bathroom repairs, caulking and silicone, doors and trims and finally safety and mobility, along with all your HVAC needs. The website is focused on informing the clients about our services and updates. Moreover, we receive the online bookings for the job of any difficulty. By addressing to us our clients not only save money in the long term, but also also know if something breaks they know who to call on.
  • Timely
  • Quick To Respond
  • Responsible
  • Honest
  • Conscientious
  • Flexible Price

We make our job in a fast and efficient way. Be sure, that our team is quick to responds to your every message. We are very attentive to details and respect our clients. Also, the professionals we work with are conscientious and come on time. They do their job honestly and take the responsibility for the decisions made during the work. Furthermore, for the best prices address to A-Z Handyman.

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Our team is happy to help people have their house repaired by the professionals. Thousands of satisfied clients and hundred of completed projects behind our back. Join us and you won’t regret !


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About Us

Let’s get to know each other better. We promise you’ll enjoy reading about us.

Vision & Mission

First of all, we will complete the tasks on your home repair checklist, while saving time and money. This allow you to spend the time more productively. You can find the additional reasons for using our services below.

  •  Our mission is to make our workmanship qualitatively and fast.
  •  Costumer’s satisfaction is our main goal.
  • Our team consists of professionals only.
  • The work is focused on achieving trust and reliability.

Drop all doubts and choose A-Z Handyman. Be sure, it results in a great experience for you as our client. This is what is all comes down to- provide our community with skilled and trustworthy workers. We make an effort to carry out this purpose every day, and we keep doing so.

Vision & Mission

Everyday we work on helping people with the home repair of any kind.The purpose we perceives is to improve each customer's quality of life by offering qualitative and unique craftsmanship services. We are fully committed to offering you the best work and customer service at a flexible price.

  • Fair Pricing
  • Quality Service
  • Commitment to Details
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction

Our mission is to actively involve the client at every stage of the process. The client is necessary for the project to exist. We want to bring our passions, skills, and experience to make our community a better place.

Vision & Mission

A-Z Handyman is the company that began with a desire for simplicity and transformations. Home improvement with our services will pass fast and painless. We offer you changes which you have always dreamed of. The best decision you will ever make - choose A-Z Handyman services.

  • Providing excellence and quality service.
  • Treating our customer’s home with care.
  • Building strong customer and partner relationships.
  • Doing what is best for our customers.

The company's mission is simple. We are ready to assist in the effort to protect your home, we want to become your first resource for home repairs, renovation projects, and maintenance. Our team is glad to work for your well-being.

Our Specials

Fix All Problems

What we understand best is our craftsmanship. We can fix all the problems existing in your house and around.


Excutive Staffs

Among our qualified staff are the experienced and skilled at a wide range of repairs people that helps you get rid of headaches


Quality Services

Our professionals offers the best quality services. We are responsible for the quality of the work done. Join A-Z Handyman and enjoy working with us.


Innovation Solutions

Our team is trained in special technologies and work using the new tools and advanced instruments. Due to this the job is done faster and more qualitatively.


Privacy and Safety

Our staff is honest and responsible. Be sure your personal data as well as your home are in safety. Our clients are provided by the customer protection

Our Partners

Business Partners

We are proud to maintain an expert level of knowledge in efficiently collaborating with: HomeDepot, Canada Tire, Metrotown Tool Rental , Fix Services, GARAGE DOOR and others.