We often search through the internet “need to hire a handyman”. Regretfully, the majority of the homeowners face the problem of finding a professional home repair person. Do you want to hire a reliable team of professionals? It is time to trust your home improvement our specialists to care for your house. A-Z Handyman is the team that meets the need of qualified, skilled, handy people in Vancouver, Canada. Already 760 happy clients work with us on the permanent base.
Certainly, there are numerous reasons why hiring your local A-Z Handyman is the best option when you need house maintenance or repair work done. Our workers provide a wide range of services, namely carpentry, painting, drywall, flooring, home installations, furniture assembly, pressure washing, kitchen and bathroom repairs, caulking and silicone, doors and trims, and finally safety and mobility, along with all your HVAC needs.

Hire a handyman in Vancouver

How often do you need to hire a local handyman? Obviously, once a month you ask yourself ” How to search for a handyman near me? “ The answer lies on the surface. All you need to make is to contact the A-Z Handyman team. It is all so easy with the A-Z Handyman. In case of urgency, you just need to make a request” handyman for hire near me” and our technicians will immediately find the nearest handyman to do the job quickly and qualitatively.

A-Z Handyman Philosophy

Being one of the largest networks of home improvement, A-Z Handyman supports the philosophy of reliable service for local owners. Our team of professionals tends to have high standards and strong ethics.
We offer excellent customer service as well as dependable, guaranteed workmanship. The level of customer service we provide makes our reputation. Therefore, A-Z Handyman team is one of the top list home improvement companies in Vancouver. We maintain a reputation for better service, checking feedback, and building a strong connection with our customers.

Our team

Last but not least about us is that doing good work correctly from the first time motivates us. The professional approach is one of the values of our team. Our friendly staff schedules appointments, and calls to remind you of them, and answers any questions you may have. It is not a secret that homeowners contact us to hire a handyman. Do not hesitate to reach out to us via WhatsApp, email, or just call us.

Need to hire a handyman?

Still thinking about where to hire a handyman? Cease racking your brain and better contact A-Z Handyman team. Having worked with us at least once you will never ask yourself “How do I find a local handyman?” People all over Vancouver trust us because we guarantee our clients a worry-free experience, quality, and premium service.

Frequently asked questions

How to hire a good handyman?

If you are questioning where to hire a local handyman, contacting A-Z Handyman would be the best variant. The client managers will help you to choose the best handyman for your home improvement.

What do most handyman charge per hour?

Our rates are very simple, the first hour is $125 per hour and then every other hour is $60 after that.

How much does a handyman charge per hour in Vancouver?

We pride ourselves on being the most competitively priced. Most handyman will charge $160 for the hour. Then the average hourly rate for a handyman is between $88 to $104. However, some professional handyman services may charge higher (up to $170).